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  • Road Rules for Cyclists and Skaters
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Road Rules for Cyclists and Skaters

There are certain rules that all road users (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and skaters) must abide by. This chapter explores the current Tasmanian road rules and addresses other laws and regulations that apply to cyclists, skateboarders and others.

Who and What are Covered by the Road Rules 2019?

The Road Rules 2019 (Tas) define various words in the text as well as in the Dictionary at the end of the Rules. A cyclist is included within the definition of a rider, who is a ‘person who is riding a motor bike, bicycle, animal or animal-drawn vehicle’. This does not include a passenger or a...

The General Road Rules the apply to Cyclists

The general road laws apply to all vehicles and hence also to bicycles. But the unspoken rules of cooperation, respect and a positive attitude between cyclists and drivers are important to safety on the roads for everyone, as well. Cyclists are far more vulnerable to accidents than people in c...

Bicycle and cyclist specific laws

The road laws for cyclists in Tasmania are contained in the Road Rules 2019 (Tas). ‘Vehicle’ includes bicycles, and the person riding a bicycle is a ‘rider’. This definition does not include a person wheeling a bicycle. For the purposes of the Road Rules, a driver includes a reference to a rider,...

Important Rules for cyclists and drivers

Cycling South provides an excellent resource on Tasmanian road rules and guidelines to promote knowledge of the law so that cyclists and drivers can work toward a courteous and cooperative sharing of the roads. These rules are what you should keep in mind when you’re cycling or driving so that ev...

Skateboarders and Others

Skateboarders are defined as pedestrians for the purposes of the Road Rules 2019 (Tas). The rules that apply specifically to skateboarders or users of ‘wheeled recreational devices’ are contained in rules 240A – 244. Skateboarders on footpaths or shared paths must give way to pedestrians on ...

Contacts and Resources

A primary resource for cyclists in Tasmania is Bicycle Tasmania. Their email contact is at: Another Tasmanian resources is Cycling South where you can find a range of resources: Another helpful resource is Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand. Local councils...

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