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Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes in General

The boundary between neighbouring blocks of land is the central to many neighbourhood disputes and legal relations. There are three general areas of dispute which can take the boundary as the starting point: the position of the boundary; people or things which cross the boundary without p...

Boundary Fences

The law relating to the construction and repair of boundary fences in Tasmania is contained in the Boundary Fences Act 1908 (Tas) (BFA). The BFA has remained substantially unchanged since 1908. The BFA was the subject of a Law Reform Commission of Tasmania Report in 1984 (No 37 of 1984) but, at t...


There is no general right of access to neighbouring land in Tasmania, even if access is required to effect emergency repairs to one's own house or property. Whilst some entries to a person's land by other people will be allowed, other entries will no be allowed, and may be prevented or give ri...

Entry of Objects

Like the entry of persons, the entry of objects can be with or without permission. Permission would normally have to be expressly given by the occupier, and may normally be withdrawn at any time. After permission is withdrawn, the person who owns or controls the object must remove it as soon as r...

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