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Family Visas


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship classifies options for fiancés, partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens under the category of Family Members as an information class. The visa options section pr...

Family Violence and Permanent Visa Applications

The following information was provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, from their Factsheet 38. The information was produced by the National Communications Branch, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Canberra. Introduction The Family Violence Provisions allow certain pe...

Fiancé, spouse or de facto partners

The three types of relationship to which these visas apply are: people intending to get married (fiancés) married (de jure) partners de facto partners (including those in a same sex relationship) The charges associated with these visas range between $300+ and $3000+. A tool to calcu...

Parents and Children

Parents Charges for parent visas can run over $30,000. Presumably this is indicative of the costs associated with caring for an ageing population. There is also a significant waiting list for the determination of parent visas. For a comprehensive list of charges see the DIBP website. Applying...

Other Family

Other family members – meaning anyone except a spouse or partner, or parent. Other family members generally means brothers, sisters, and parents. The applicant would be a non-dependent child of the parent, i.e. over the age of 18. The charges associated with applications range between approximate...

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