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Immigration and Citizenship

This chapter explores the laws and rules surrounding immigration and citizenship in Tasmania, including; different types of visas, unlawful non-citizens, how to review a decision made about a person’s immigration/migration and contacts and resources available.

Introduction to Immigration

Immigration is a huge area of law. The purpose of the Immigration Department (Department of Home Affairs) is not to prevent all people from immigrating to or visiting Australia, it is intended to regulate the movement of people in and out of Australia. Regulation of migration is an important part...


For current information on ALL immigration and visa information, please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Immigration law changes may not be reflected in the information contained here. This information is of a general nature and not intended to be legal advice...

Australian and New Zealand Citizens

Australian Citizens Heading overseas - holidaying Australia has reciprocal arrangements with many countries for entry and temporary visits. All of these agreements exclude the right to work, except the agreement with New Zealand. For advice on specific countries, travellers should consult www...


Becoming a citizen There are ten steps in the process to become an Australian citizen. While permanent residents share the rights and duties or citizens, there are some rights and duties unique to citizens. Becoming a citizen entitles a person to: An Australian passport The right to stan...

Australian Visas

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Student Visas and minor offences or convictions

The Hobart Community Legal Service is often asked about the effect of minor convictions, such as a speeding fine, or driving over the limit, and how these will affect the validity of a student visa. Generally, minor offences are not going to affect a visa. DIAC looks at criminal offences involvin...

Temporary Visas

Visitor visa There are several classes of visa available for people seeking to enter Australia for tourism or family/friend visiting purposes. Broadly speaking, tourist visas allow visitors to come to Australia to visit friends or family, or to travel and visit Australia. The four visa options a...

Family Visas

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Work Visas

There are a number of options for working and skilled visas. It is best to consult the Home Affairs website, which provides a visa finding tool to work out what will fit your needs best.

Humanitarian Visas

Refugees and Special Humanitarian Programs The Refugee Convention defines who is a refugee, their rights, and the obligations of states who have signed the Convention. As with other classes of visa, there are processes and fees associated with offshore and onshore applications.  The two class...

Unlawful Non-Citizens, Removal and Deportation

Who are unlawful non-citizens? A lawful non-citizen is a person who holds a visa and is within Australia Classification of an unlawful non-citizen is simple: an unlawful non-citizen is someone who enters Australia or remains in Australia without a valid visa. Becoming an unlawful non-citizen E...

Review of Migration Decisions

Migration Review Tribunal The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) constitutes the second tier of the review system.  The MRT is independent of the Department of Immigration but must still apply relevant migration law. (Note: The MRT and the Refugee Review Tribunal are proposed to be amalgamated with...


Interpreters are available through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a telephone interpreting service: 131 450. There are facilities for a three way conference call between the English-speaker, the non-English speaker, and an interpreter. A large r...

Contacts and Resources

Department of Home Affairs If you are considering your travel and migration options it is recommended that you seek legal advice. Smart Traveller travel advice and warnings United Kingdom Work Permits Read...

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