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  • 13 Community and Environment
  • Dogs, Cats and Animal Control
  • Contacts and Resources
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Contacts and Resources

Animal management is part of local council responsibilities. The Hobart City Council provides comprehensive information on dogs.

You can also visit The Dogs Home website for information on adopting dogs, and care available for dogs.

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment provides Information for Cat Owners and Information on Wildlife Management.

Questions and queries about cat management facilities should be directed to:

RSPCA Launceston
63 Remount Rd,
Mowbray 7248
Ph 6332 8282

RSPCA Hobart
553 Pass Rd,
Mornington 7018
Ph 6244 3033

RSPCA Devonport
108 Tarleton Rd,
Spreyton 7310
Ph 6427 2566

Hobart Cat Centre
12 Selfs Pt Rd New Town 7005
Ph 6278 2111

Animals Tasmania provide an independent advocacy service for animal welfare and may be contacted regarding any concerns about animal exploitation, abuse, and suffering.

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