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  • Community Organisations
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Community Organisations

The information provided in this chapter explains different types of organisation structures to assist people who are creating an organisation or established organisations seeking clarification on the laws and policy surrounding how organisations operate.

What Structure Should an Organisation Choose?

Obviously the structure an organisation should choose is a matter to be determined by the members or proposed members of that organisation. By reading all of the above information the organisation should be in a position to make this decision. Factors to consider are as follows: the amoun...

Incorporation as an Association

For a group of people who want to form a community organisation, the first question they need to answer is what sort of organisation they want to form. Community organisations is a general term including sporting and social groups, action groups, and welfare organisations. The most important legi...

Further details on incorporation as an association

Rules of the Association If the Model Rules are adopted, there is no need to supply a copy when applying for incorporation. Groups who find the Model Rules too complex or inappropriate for their needs can draft their own rules. In this case, a copy of the rules must be lodged with the applicatio...

Amalgamation of Association and Transfer of Incorporation

Should two or more incorporated associations wish to join together they can ‘amalgamate’ into the one incorporated association. To do this each of the associations must pass special resolutions stating the terms of the amalgamation and adopting the new objects and rules of the amalgamated asso...

Winding Up and Deregistering of Incorporation

The provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) relating to the winding up of bodies other than companies apply so far as applicable to the winding up of an association. See the Consumer Affairs site for information on deregistering. Voluntarily Winding Up If an association decides that it no...

Incorporation as a Company Limited by Guarantee

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the sole national authority responsible for administering the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), which regulates corporations as well as securities and future markets. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Corporations Regulations impo...

Becoming Cooperative

What is a cooperative? The cooperative is formed and registered under the provisions of the Cooperatives Act 1999 (Tas). It is a form of incorporation commonly used by trading and agricultural groups in industries such as dairy, rice and fishing. The cooperative is an option for organisations wa...

Registration as a Charity

In some States (Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland) legislation exists which requires an organisation established for a ‘charitable purpose’ to be registered. The legislation regulates the activities of the charitable organisation, and imposes obligations on it. In Tasmania, a charity w...

Unincorporated Associations

What is an Unincorporated Association? An unincorporated association is an organisation which has no separate legal identity from that of its members. It is simply a group of people who associate for a particular purpose, for example, a group of people who wish to play football or lobby for or a...

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