Hello! Welcome to the Tasmanian Law Handbook. The Handbook is now in its 4th edition. It has been published once a decade since the 1980s, and has a long history with the Tasmanian legal community.

Many people have contributed to the Handbook: lawyers, academics, specialists, people in government, and members of community groups. Without the help of the Tasmanian community, this Handbook would not have happened - so a big thank you to everyone who has contributed.

This Handbook is a teaching and learning resource, for teachers and students, for people interested in the law, and for anyone who is looking for some more information about an issue. This is a community resource, meant to make the law more accessible to everyone.

Currently, the website is still under construction, and the print function has yet to be created. Until we've resolved this issue, it is important that you know that you can print any and all of the Handbook. You can print one section, one page, or even the whole Handbook if you like! Soon, this will be more easily and readily done than by copying and pasting.

If you have any suggestions, or have noticed something that you think can be improved or corrected, please email me - the current author and editor,

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