NDIS Rights Fact Sheets

About The Project

The NDIS Rights Fact Sheets on the NDIS website have been developed by Fitzroy Legal Service, Hobart Community Legal Service and Redfern Legal Centre after receiving a grant through the Commonwealth Attorney-General Department’s Human Rights Framework – Education Grants.  The fact sheets have been developed to address community need for rights-based legal information when accessing the NDIS and the various agencies involved with the NDIS.

The Fact Sheets are intended to provide basic information about what rights a person has under the NDIS, and what they can do if they feel their rights are not being recognised. The Fact Sheets are meant to provide only general information. They are not meant to replace legal advice or advocacy.

The fact sheets have gone through an extensive consultation process through consumer and advocacy community groups in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. At this stage, they are available for downloading in PDF format, in Easy English, and MP3.

For further information on this project, please contact Fitzroy Legal Service reception@fitzroy-legal.org.au or call (03) 9419 3744.

For legal advice on any issues relating to the NDIS, please contact your local Community Legal Centre. You can find the Community Legal Centre closes to you by visiting the National Association of Community Legal Centres website.